About Us

HexLabs is a student-led, nonprofit organization that throws large-scale hackathons to spread the opportunity for innovation to high school and college students. We partner with companies to cultivate an environment of enrichment and growth for our participants to be able to learn new skills and use them to bring new ideas to life.

Say Hello to HexLabs

We're HexLabs, the new parent organization overseeing familiar events like HackGT, HackGTeeny, Catalyst, BuildGT, HealthTech, and Horizons. Learn more about our new parent organizatinon which will be our driving force behind our mission to cultivate innovative spaces for students to work together.

Community Initiatives

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Getting Involved

Learn more about how you can get involved with HexLabs as an organizer, participant, mentor, sponsor, and more!

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Join the Hex Commons, a supportive community of like-minded creators.