How to Get Involved

Get involved in an organization that takes pride in creating opportunities for students to innovate together, and encourages students to pursue their wildest ideas. Whether you are a student or an industry professional, there are many ways to get involved with HexLabs and the events that we throw.


Get involved with HexLabs! You can stay involved with our organization throughout the year by attending events, joining our open Discord, listening to or being featured on our podcast, and following our social media pages. Learn more below!

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Attend Events

HexLabs hosts multiple events throughout the year for college and high school students. We hold our flagship hackathathon, HackGT, annually and we also host events such as Healthtech, Catalyst, Horizons, BuildGT and more! Visit our Events page to find out more information!

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Get on our Podcast

Over the past 10 years, the hacker movement has exploded in popularity, but it is still shrouded in mystery. HexLabs has decided to explore this phenomenon and demystify what exactly is so compelling about it. Join us in conversations with students, hackers, and makers challenging their creativity. Follow the journeys of different individuals as they create and see how you can join the movement to create for the sake of creating.

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Hackathons are undoubtedly incredible sources of creativity and inspiration. We want to capture that innovation and sustain it throughout the year by creating a supportive community of like minded individuals all passionate about creating for the sake of creating. This is a great way to keep the momentum going between our various events by discussing projects, sharing ideas, and participating in smaller scale community events. Hacking never has to end and together we can continue to build.


Sponsors are incredibly important to the events that we throw. We invite you to connect with students and broaden their vision on how they can shape both their future and the world. As a sponsor, you would receive access to the diverse and driven network of students that HexLabs brings together every year. You can showcase your products and technologies for participants to use, as well as your company’s culture and impact on the field. You may also have the chance to aid students in navigating the industry as well as by providing valuable insight into establishing careers.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please reach out to [email protected]!


Our events could not run without the help of our mentors and student volunteers! Get involved with HexLabs by applying to be a mentor at any of our events, signing up to be a volunteer at our events, or both! If you’re interested in this opportunity, check out our event pages

Join our Team

If you're a Georgia Tech student, you can apply to join the HexLabs team! Get notified about applications by joining our mailing list here!