Meet the Team

Our Operations, Design, Technology, and Marketing Teams work hard throughout the year to put on hackathons and bring STEM opportunities to high school and college students.

What We Do

Through throwing large-scale collegiate hackathons of upwards of 1000 people to small-scale hackathons and workshops, our organization aims to spread the spirit of application, innovation, and creativity in computer science education.

By partnering with companies and organizations large and small, we are able to cultivate environments that bring value to the lives of the communities we serve all at no cost to the participants. The motivation behind throwing free events is to allow for any person of any background to have the capacity to take full advantage of a positive experience. Our organization strives to provide a resource-rich environment that ultimately ends up in allowing a participant to learn and apply new skills, connect with other like-minded innovate individuals, and bring any of their ideas to life.

Exec Team

The HexLabs Executive Board guides the vision of HexLabs. From orchestrating the team’s actions to ensuring the organization exceeds its standards, this board helps ensure that HexLabs strives to be an organization that has a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Design Team

The Design Team ideates and designs all of HexLabs’s visual and product experiences. We are a multidisciplinary team made of one-of-kind designers with passions for graphic design, product design, motion design, UX research, and more! Together, we are responsible for theming the event, curating swag like stickers and t-shirts, designing graphics for marketing posts, and wireframing/prototyping all HexLabs tech products and websites. We look for outside-of-the-box thinkers who are passionate about their craft, eager to collaborate, and ready to design the never-before-seen.

Marketing Team

On the Marketing Team, we value engaging and interacting with various communities in relation to our organization. From event partners to volunteers to alumni to participants, we are tasked with general organizational communication and event recruiting. Our mission is to build and cultivate the HexLabs brand and spread the word about our organization’s initiatives and accomplishments. Oftentimes, you’ll be thinking about social media campaigns, and how to keep students in touch with us on our platforms through raffles and promotional videos. We strive to stay connected with the community and other organizations on campus. On this team, we value creativity, ambition, writing skills and communication, and collaboration skills!

Finance Team

The Finance Team has two major responsibilities: acquiring sponsorship and budget management. We are in charge of maintaining external relations with sponsors and allowing the teams to function to the best of their ability with proper financial judgment by maintaining the flow of resources in and out of the organization. This can include work involving budgeting, taxes, cold outreach via email/LinkedIn, etc. to fund and support HexLab's various initiatives. We are an ambitious and hardworking team that values communication, organization, flexibility, calmness, and collaboration skills!

Technology Team

The Tech Team creates all the tech that powers our events. We build all our tools in-house that keep our events running smoothly, keep participants engaged, and make people rethink what the hackathon experience is like. We work on a variety of projects from our proprietary judging platform, check-in/registration, a web app for virtual team formation, and so much more. We’ve also created fun hardware for our in-person events like a style-transfer photo booth and a vintage arcade game. We look for people who are creative, work hard, and take initiative to make our biggest ideas a reality.

Operations Team

On the Operations Team, we do all of the little things needed to bring the event together—and believe us, there are a LOT of little things. From ordering food and swag to coordinating parking and transportation, to organizing the layout of our events, to recruiting judges and mentors, to creating a curriculum—we do it all! There's a huge variety of different tasks that we handle, so there's never a boring day for us. We also work with other subteams to bring everything together into one awesome event, so there's lots of collaboration too! We are the catch-all team, ready to tackle whatever is thrown at us.


HexLabs’ Catalyst initiative has recently transformed into a structured subteam focused on giving more to the high school community! Our foundational goal for the Catalyst initiative is to present opportunities for underserved high school students in technical exploration and learning. These opportunities include workshops, career panels, and mentorship. Over the past five years, we have pursued this goal through our annual learn-a-thon for schools in the metro ATL. We have revamped to reach more students and have started a cohort program that extends the vision of our one-day learn-a-thon event with activities like field trips, panels, and mentoring to provide more insight into professional and academic trajectories. Our subteam splits the different responsibilities of each team mentioned above but on a smaller scale, and we are curious about researching and developing creative ideas and implementing the vision to improve accessibility to STEM and Computer Science!