We're Rebranding

Getting ready for change

Introducing HexLabs, the new parent organization of all your HackGT events. Under our new name, we will continue to cultivate innovative spaces for students to confidently discover, pursue, and create ideas together.

Thank you so much for being a part of the HackGT community and for your continued support and interest over the years. We’re rebranding, and this means that a name change.

Our new name is HexLabs but we’re still the same organization that you know and love. We still host creative and engaging initiatives for you to get involved with such as our flagship HackGT hackathon, but now all events are connected together under an umbrella organization giving us room to grow in the future, while still being cohesive.

If you want to learn more about the reasoning behind the decision to rebrand as well as any other details about our organization, visit our org site.

Follow us on social media @thehexlabs and check out our new podcast and Discord channel so you can stay connected with the HexLabs community!

With love,

What is HexLabs?

HexLabs is a new parent organization overseeing familiar events such as HackGT, Catalyst, and HealthTech. We are creating a consistent brand encompassing everything we do as an organization.

Why are we rebranding to HexLabs?

Instead of being defined by one event, we will be known as an organization that hosts a multitude of events, in addition to our annual hackathon, HackGT. We’ll have more flexibility to expand and improve our events, start new initiatives, tackle challenges, and maybe even explore moving past hackathons.

What is changing?

Each event and initiative will develop its own brand and identity and have the opportunity to grow. All of our events will be associated with HexLabs; however, the name of our flagship hackathon, HackGT, will not be changing.